Batteries assembled to fit your needs

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Since its formation in 1997, the ABH-Nord GmbH has been a reliable partner of scientific marine research. In response to the wishes of our customers from research, industry and the navy, we have assembled and converted many battery and rechargeable battery packs to provide higher capacity and durability. In many cases this has enabled our customers to use their equipment more efficiently and with enhanced performance.

For example, Glider (underwater glider), a Tsunami early warning system and data logger could stay in use for longer periods of time. This has improved workflow and increased productivity of the projects. Learn more.

ABH-Nord GmbH has extensive experience in assembling battery packs and rechargeable battery packs. In consultation with our customers we make product offerings that are tailored to your requirements. We offer a wide range of high quality chargers, batteries and rechargeable batteries, which we can process into battery packs and rechargeable battery packs according to high quality standards.

Our products enable increases in energy capacity and contribute to increases in productivity. Learn more.

Regardless whether it is rechargeable batteries, batteries, rechargeable battery packs or equipment - trading in batteries of all kinds has provided the core business of ABH-Nord GmbH since the company's formation. Our customers appreciate the expertise and broad product range. We permanently hold all popular battery types (lead, lithium, nickel-cadmium, etc.) in stock. Learn more.                        

We have successfully cooperated with craftsmen for many years. In the area of ​​cell exchange, e.g. for machine tools, we already have a lot of extensive experience and can often considerably increase the capacity and lifetime of rechargeable batteries to the delight of our customers. Learn more.