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Product Overview.

Broad range of accumulators and batteries.

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Batteries and accumulators

We carry more than 16,000 batteries and rechargeable batteries of all types and manufacturers. To best benefit our customers we exclusively obtain high-quality goods from premium manufacturers such as Banner, Varta, HR-Energy and Exide.

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Accumulator and battery packs

Customer projects require individual solutions for mobile power supply. We have a wide range of accumulator and battery packs that can be produced and supplied in small to medium series.

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The broad product range of ABH-Nord GmbH includes various high-quality accessories like chargers, jump-start devices and many more.

Batteries and Accumulators from Your specialist.

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Different products

Utility batteries, starter batteries, device batteries, e-bike batteries and various accessories are delivered within 24 hours.

Years of e-commerce

Under the brandname, adopted in 2009, we have successfully established an online business for ourselves.

Happy customers

With the expansion of our product range and the growth of our company the number of our customers is constantly increasing.

Battery and accumulator service.

Services for accumulators and batteries.


We assemble battery packs out of all available types of rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries suitable for a wide range of disposition. Our selection includes quality brandname cells.

E-bike battery refurbishment

Is your e-bike’s battery declining in function or range? We offer replacements, repairs and upgrades for e-bike batteries because it saves money and protects the environment


We accept used batteries destined for disposal free of charge. Please contact us so we can find the best solution for you to dispose of used batteries.

Advisory services

As per your specifications we develop a concept tailored to your individual needs and requirements of your desired power supply (devices, power demand, space).

Custom design

Individual projects often require specific solutions which we are happy to provide you with. We manufacture accumulator and battery packs, plus charger, in close concertation with our customers.


Our repair services offer a cost cutting and sustainable solution while maintaining a high quality product. Purchasing newer, more expensive items will no longer be necessary.

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Battery and accumulator specialist.

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Customers from wholesale, industry and marine research as well as military, universities, government agencies and shipyards have been relying on our services for years.

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