Accumulators and batteries

Our range of high-quality products (batteries, rechargeable batteries, accumulator packs, battery packs, accessories) and our delivery times are optimally adjusted to your customer needs. Our wide range includes various types of batteries and accumulators.

For every use case.

Battery and accumulator range.

We always procure high-quality goods from premium manufacturers for our customers. You can trust in the many years of experience and competence of ABH-Nord GmbH in the accumulator and battery trade and buy qualitative accumulators and batteries from renowned manufacturers such as Banner, HR-Energy, intAct, VARTA and more.


Starter batteries

A wide range of well-known brands and own brands to ensure your vehicle always starts.

Truck batteries

Wide range of up to 1150 A and 225 Ah from VARTA and more.

EFB batteries

EFB stands for “Enhanced Flooded Battery”, meaning: the electrolyte is not bound, but liquid.

VdS batteries

VdS-certified batteries for emergency lighting, fire detectors, alarm systems and optimum safety.

Car batteries

For small cars to luxury class limousines, we have all the batteries for a reliable power supply.

Utility batteries

Self-sufficient power supply for motorhomes, caravans, garden sheds and on boats.

AGM batteries

Absorbent Glass Mat batteries are safe and cannot leak even if damaged.

Special batteries

Precise energy output for your appliances. Manufactured to the highest standard for best quality.

Motorbike batteries

For motorbikes of all types, the right battery model, for example, manufactured in GEL technology.

Start-stop batteries

Modern vehicles require modern battery technologies, all of which we have in stock.

Marine batteries

Boat batteries for small and large boats that meet the special demands of the marine sector.

Traction batteries

Electric vehicles require specially designed batteries.

Solar batteries

Also known as solar accumulators, they are used professionally in photovoltaic systems.

UPS batteries

An uninterruptible power supply ensures the supply in case of disturbances in the power grid.



Compared to traditional batteries, lithium-ion batteries charge faster, last longer and have a higher power density.

Lithium iron phosphate

Increased safety in case of high temperatures, overcharging, short circuits and mechanical damage.

Lithium batteries

A lithium battery is a primary cell in which lithium is used as the active material in the negative electrode.

Primary batteries

This type of battery generates its energy from the consumption of chemical substances in one or more galvanic cells.


Nickel metal hydride

In NiMH batteries, the cathode contains nickel hydroxide. The anode often consists of an alloy.


NiCd batteries are rechargeable secondary cells that are extremely robust and feature good performance data.

Individual assembly.

Accumulator and battery packs.