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Consulting and conception

With our many years of experience and expertise, we can consult you professionally and efficiently. Since every project has its own requirements and goals, we focus on individual consultation, which allows us to customize each assignment to customer’s needs.

  • Individual consultation
  • Expert conceptualisation
  • Efficient and customised planning
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Battery pack assembly

ABH-Nord GmbH has many years of experience in the processing of rechargeable batteries and the production of battery packs. Since 1997, we have been producing single packs, small and large series in high quality and with great flexibility. Lead, lithium, nickel-metal-hydride or nickel-cadmium – we assemble packs from all available types of accumulators and batteries for a wide range of use cases. The assembly of accumulators and batteries offers several advantages:

  • Capacity increase and voltage increase
  • Variety of possible cells
  • Integrated monitoring and protection measures
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Repair and cell exchange

First of all, the plastic casings of the used / defective accumulator and battery packs (Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-Ion) are opened during the battery repair. The electronic components (e.g. thermal sensor etc.) are checked and replaced if necessary. Then the cells are replaced – the old cells are exchanged for new, high-quality brand-name cells. For this purpose, the cells are professionally joined together with metal bands using a spot welding machine. The housing, contacts and protective elements of the old pack are reused. The battery packs are professionally sealed and the voltage and capacity of the packs are checked during a final inspection. This completes the battery repair and your device (e.g. cordless screwdriver, cordless drill, e-bike battery) is ready for use again.

In this way, cost savings can be realised for the benefit of the customer with high quality and environmental protection in most cases. Expensive new acquisitions are no longer necessary.

  • Professional, low-cost battery repair
  • Use of high-quality branded cells
  • Eco-friendly
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Take-back and disposal

As a provider of a wide range of solutions for rechargeable batteries and batteries, we also offer our customers the professional and free-of-charge disposal of all types of used batteries. Whether lead batteries, button cells or high-energy lithium batteries, we take care of the disposal for you and ensure that the used batteries are fed into the correct recycling cycle.

Please contact us, we will find a suitable solution for the disposal of your used batteries. Please note that spent batteries are most often hazardous goods.

Suitable for every use case.

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