Guiding principle

As an employer, we operate responsibly in terms of our corporate goals and employees. We focus on healthy growth that offers planning security and a long-term perspective to all involved.

With responsibility and prudence.

Values and goals in focus.


The foundation for the continuous success of the company is our committed and competent staff. As an employer, ABH-Nord GmbH recognises and promotes the different potentials of employees and workers through challenging tasks and the creation of freedom of action and personal development.

We value both the innovative spirit of young people and the experience of older employees. We see different ways of looking at and approaching tasks as an opportunity.

Flat hierarchies and short decision-making processes give you the opportunity to contribute your ideas and suggestions directly. As a family-friendly company, we attach great importance to a good work-life balance and understand the special situation and needs of mothers and fathers.

Equal opportunities and respectful interaction

Interaction in the company is characterised by mutual respect, dignity, fairness, team spirit, professionalism and honesty. The basis for this is created by our managers, who fulfil their role as role models and act competently as the first point of contact in conflict situations.

We actively promote diversity and equal opportunities, as we see both as indispensable prerequisites for entrepreneurial success and a high company reputation.

We do not discriminate against any person on the basis of personal characteristics such as gender, race, nationality, age, religion, sexual orientation or disability. What counts is performance potential and commitment in relation to job-related criteria.

We promote talent because it is essential for business success. Outstanding talents who prove to be both professionally and socially competent are promoted so that they contribute to the sustainable success of the company. That is why we offer our employees every opportunity to develop within the company.

Occupational safety and health protection

We work continuously to improve occupational safety and health protection. In the work environment, every employee assumes responsibility for the well-being and protection of people and the environment.

Dealing with partners and suppliers

We maintain business relationships with suppliers, partners and service providers who are publicly known to meet the requirements of our mission statement. Our ISO certification by TÜV Rheinland is one example of this.

Customers and product range

The aim of ABH-Nord GmbH is to offer our customers the best advice, the optimum range of products and a good price-performance ratio in the accumulator and battery trade and in the packaging of accumulator and battery packs. Our product range is therefore regularly adapted to the needs and wishes of our customers and expanded as required.

Our first priority is customer satisfaction, not turnover. We therefore attach great importance to personal customer advice and the rapid and efficient processing of customer enquiries and orders.


For ABH-Nord GmbH, social commitment and responsible business practices are an important contribution to society.

For us, responsible business means that for the sake of the environment we do not use packaging material in the sale of batteries (as far as possible) and send electronic instead of paper invoices.

Public Relation

Communications from our company are always complete, factual and correct in content. In addition, we endeavour to communicate as comprehensibly and promptly as possible. ABH-Nord GmbH respects the professional independence of journalists and the media.


To ensure the sustainable success of our company, we constantly assume our responsibility towards society and the environment. Our products and services as well as our role as an employer fulfil a structural and overall social task. We act responsibly at all levels and are a living part of our region, to which we will remain loyal in the future.


ABH-Nord GmbH interprets sponsoring as social responsibility. We perceive this as an instrument for the development of our region. Our aim is to provide content-related and financial support for projects, companies and people with a public focus and interest. For us, sponsoring means not only showing presence, but also taking part in the development of our environment with know-how and drive, without insisting on any expectation or service in return.

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