Let's set sail!

The children learning how to sail on our little boat.


Learn how to sail on our little boat

This is how our Opti looks like before it sets sail in the baltic sea! Come around and enjoy Kiel from another perspektive! Further information through Camo 24/7.

2020 is partner of Camp 24/7 in Kiel


The season has started!

This weekend the first children have been out on the water along the seaside of Kiel with our Opti at Camp 24/7 and enjoyed the summer. We do not only supoort the mini's - we are also there for the grown sailors! If you are looking for the right battery for your boat you'll find it at! Simply come along at our store or shop online. 

Illustration Annalena Vogler, Hamburg 
Design Ann-Christine Sebesteny, Kiel 
Print Maro Werbetechnik, Kiel
Sail Segelmacherei Feldhusen, Kiel


Press article in Kieler News

On Saturday, April 25, 2020, the Kieler Nachrichten reported in an article about the willingness to donate for the University Hospital Kiel. This included the donation from for 24 vehicle batteries for the hospital's fleet. It's been a pleasure to help!

2020 donates 24 car batteries for the UKSH hospitals car fleet

The company Akku-Batteriehandel Nord (ABH-Nord) made a heavy donation on Wednesday, April 22, 2020, on the Kiel campus of the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein: The company transporter had loaded 24 vehicle batteries for the UKSH fleet. The batteries have a total value of around 2,400 euros and together weigh around half a ton.

"Our intensive care and ambulance vehicles are equipped with extensive, partly vital technology, so that a reliable power supply from the vehicle batteries is very important here," said Malte Beth, team assistant transport logistics at the service company of the UKSH. "In this respect, we are very happy and grateful for this donation."

"In times of crisis we want to help where it is most needed and find a way to move closer together despite social distancing," said Ann-Christine Sebesteny, Marketing Manager at This intention gave the sparkling thoughts to contact the UKSH. The managing directors Jörg Kieback and Patrick Buttig unanimously decided: "We want to donate where it helps the people affected and protects our health."

ABH-Nord, based in Flintbek, operates the online platform Specifically, in-kind donation to the UKSH Friends and Friends Association in favor of the UKSH subsidiary Service Stern Nord included twelve Varta batteries for installation in Ford Transit patient transport vehicles, six Varta batteries for Mercedes Benz Sprinter intensive care vehicles and six Varta batteries for Mercedes Benz Atego material transportation truck.