Raceyard is the Formula Student Team of the Kiel universities, at home in the Kiel University of Applied Sciences. Every year, the team, made up of members from all faculties, takes on the challenge of bringing a competitive electric vehicle to the starting line. The focus is on the further development of the team members, as this is essential for the success of the project. The strength of the team lies in the diversity and versatility of its members. Everyone contributes and thus deepens technical as well as social skills.

Raceyard Pictures: ©FSG | Formula Student Germany | Partenfelder & Mosch

Formula Student.

Since 2006 in Germany.

Founded as Formula SAE in the USA in 1981 and later also introduced as Formula Student in Europe, the design competition quickly inspired many students in this country as well and attention grew steadily. Since 2006, the competition has also been held in Germany at the Hockenheimring. Annual competitions are also held in Italy, Spain, Brazil, Austria and Japan. Ambitious students thus have the opportunity to gain practical experience in design, production and economic aspects related to automobile construction at this design competition. Based on a comprehensive set of rules, each team develops a single-seater formula racing car. After the car has been thoroughly checked for compliance with the rules before the race, several safety checks, careful testing of its roadworthiness and, if necessary, subsequent optimisation, the car is allowed to go out on the track and show what it is made of.

However, speed alone is not enough; the interaction of various factors is decisive for a good ranking. There are various static and dynamic disciplines in which each team has to collect a total of 1,000 points. Theoretical knowledge and concepts are put to the test by a jury.

International recognition.

The mission of the racing team.

Raceyard: “We want to build a race car every season that can compete with the best in the international arena. We are convinced that our continuous development and team cohesion will help us to establish ourselves in the top positions across all competitions in the future.

More partnership instead of placement.

Batterie24 as a strong technology partner.

We at Batterie24 are partners of the Raceyard E team in the coming season and support them financially, but above all with our know-how in battery technology. We will supply the necessary battery power for the electric vehicle that is to be developed. In exchange with the students, we will jointly develop solution concepts, which will then be implemented. We are looking forward to a great cooperation, a successful season and are always available to the team with advice and support!