VFL Osnabrück – First and foremost, everyone will associate this name with professional football. However, this club not only stands for the organisation of competitive football, but also for the promotion of young talent in the basic, advanced and competitive areas, as well as for swimming, gymnastics and table tennis. VFL Osnabrück is much more than just a sports club, it is a supporter of the common good in the city and region of Osnabrück and also a co-initiator of “Sport for Future”, an initiative that stands up for the preservation of our livelihoods and is a well-known voice for kilma protection. The founders of “Sports for Future” are aware that sport is a serious factor in the climate crisis, but that it can also have a lot of positive influence as an important building block in our society.

VFL Osnabrück Teampartner Batterie24.de

Batterie24 as a strong partner.

VFL Osnabrück.

We, Batterie24, can proudly say that we are already a long-standing partner of VFL Osnabrück. This means that we support the club in the planning and implementation of projects and in everyday sporting life. We are present live at every home game with two VIP tickets to experience the stadium atmosphere, to cheer on the team properly and to make new acquaintances or even business connections. We also use this partnership for regional marketing and to raise our profile.

Free tickets to charities.

The Public Benefit Tickets.

VFL Osnabrück and its partners have now come up with a way to thank those who made a huge contribution to our society in times of the pandemic and continue to do so indefinitely. All these people, who have not received special attention in the past, have been brought into the spotlight to cope with the pandemic. They have been working beyond their capabilities for two years now, and the “Gemeinwohl Tickets” campaign would like to thank them for this. The principle of the Gemeinwohl Tickets is very simple: The partners of the VFL Osnabrück, including us, have a certain number of VIP tickets for the home games. These can each be exchanged for 30 normal tickets and later made available for the campaign. This results in 12,000 tickets that can be given as free tickets to charitable associations, organisations and institutions in the Osnabrück region if they express an interest. We want to bring people closer together again, or at least as close as the pandemic allows. We want especially those people who work around the clock for our common good to have the chance to spend a few carefree hours with good football, fun and joy. We would like to make a contribution to do something good and to give something back to these people.

PartnerS of VFL Osnabrück.

We say Thank You.

The Batterie24 team would like to take this opportunity to thank all the other partners of the VFL Osnabrück who have joined this campaign, because it was only through them that such a large campaign could be set up in the first place. We are happy to be part of a great community that is enthusiastically committed and to whom values such as human, cohesive and communal mean something. Furthermore, we thank all those who are working to keep everyone safe and healthy in these difficult times, putting the common good above their own. Time has shown that you can only achieve something and be strong together, and that is what we stand for as Batterie24.